June 12, 2024

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  • Homemade Adventures: Applesauce

    After searching for something new to try making at home, I had a strange thought: Applesauce.  I've been using it some of my cooking, and thought I would try giving it a whirl. The question: Where to begin?  I did some online searching and found several different recipes, but they all had added sugar, cinnamon, vanilla,…

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  • Being Happy in Your Season of Life

    I recently had to return some things to my local Hobby Lobby.  I walked into the store and was not prepared for: scarecrows.  Pumpkins.  Home decor saying "Give Thanks".  Turkeys wearing pilgrim hats.  Now, I'm used to seeing Halloween decor come out after Labor Day, or even as early as Independence Day.  But here it…

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  • My Family’s First Fun Run

    How do you prepare little children to get ready for a race of their own?  A few months ago, I started training for a half marathon.  Of course, I couldn't just leave my children at home alone, so they were blessed to come with me on a few training runs.  I started training at the…

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  • Homemade Adventures: Strawberry Jam

    After making homemade bread for a couple months, I've been bitten by a homemade bug.  When my food is homemade, I not only know what the ingredients are, but can save some money as well.  I keep thinking of different things that I could make at home.  Imagine my delight when a friend shared a…

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  • Homemade Adventures: Peanut Butter

    Crunchy. Smooth. Natural. Chocolate. Reduced Fat. Who knew there were so many different types of peanut butter?  Sometimes I buy the store brand of peanut butter, but most of the time I buy natural, fresh ground peanut butter from the bulk section of my local WInco. It is just roasted peanuts ground fresh right there…

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  • Homemade Adventures: Whole Wheat Bread

    We have started some new adventures at our house: making more food from scratch. I blame Joshua. He looked at what we were spending on bread each week, and said we might be able to save some money if I made it myself. I mulled the idea around for awhile, then finally decided to jump…

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  • Banana Split Pancakes

    I have been looking at and cooking healthy recipes for the past several years.  I finally decided to try something new - create my own.  So, I bring you my first original recipe - Banana Split Pancakes!  These are great for serving that special someone breakfast in bed! Pancake Batter 

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  • Should I Listen to Music While Running?

    Music has always been a passion of mine.  It has a big impact on me.  It's not just the beat, but sometimes the lyrics.  I bawl when I hear "Butterfly Kisses"  and "Wind Beneath My Wings."  I feel empowered when I hear "One Moment in Time" or "Perfect."  Running, however, has not always been a passion.…

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  • The Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Run

    I thought I would never have a bad workout.  Then one day, I made a painful discovery - I'm human.   I am currently training for a half-marathon.  Something I've been doing to help me build up my endurance is do a long run one day a week, gradually adding a mile each week.  The…

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  • A Letter Myself in Junior High

    A few days ago, I went to the junior high track across the street.  It was a nice day and I wanted to go for a run.  Apparently, the junior high girl's PE teacher had the same idea.  I was about half-way through my run when I was soon joined by at least 20 girls.  As I…

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