December 9, 2022

Having fun and loving life!

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  • Homemade Halloween

    Ok, I know this post is a little behind the times - but life got hectic once November hit!  It was written, and is finally being published for your enjoyment! Halloween has always been an interesting holiday for me.  I've always had fun dressing up and going to parties, but don't even think of showing…

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  • Don’t Stop Dreaming

    The other day I thought "I am almost to the point where I won't have to focus on weight loss.  What will I do then?  I've been in the weight-losing business for so long that, once it's over, I won't know what to do with my life."  Being The Princess Bride fan that I am,…

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  • Bringing It Home

    I had my best race yet in my hometown.  Not because I knew the route, but because I was surrounded by love. Sunday night before Labor Day, I went to bed early so I could have enough rest for my 10K.  I'd run several times before, whether they were my long-distance weekend runs or a…

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  • Exercising With Kids: Walking

    A question I had when I first started losing weight is "How do you exercise with kids?”.  Of course, I was originally seeking how to fit exercise in with all the other duties a mom has.  However, I’ve tried taking on a new approach- how do I exercise with my children? Walking If there is any…

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  • Taking Time to Set A Good Example

    Take the time and think about what kind of example you are setting. Watch What You Say A member in my congregation had a death in her family, and I volunteered to make a jello salad for the funeral dinner.  PJ, of course, wanted to eat some of the ingredients (like the Cool Whip).  I had…

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  • Hurting Vs Helping

    One woman offered her opinion, and all it did was hurt me.  Two women offered their love and support, and it helped me heal. A Hard Day Last December, I had a busy day planned.  I thought I would have a nice time with the kids shopping, grab a bite to eat, and go see Santa.  However,…

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