July 21, 2024

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♪ Don’t You Forget About YOU ♪

The past year, I have been struggling a little with depression.  I’d feel anxious at times or become so focused on one thing that I couldn’t think of anything else.  Exercise has helped, but there is something more recent that has made a difference as well – rediscovering a part of myself I’d forgotten.

Music used to be a big part of my life.  If I wasn’t singing to the radio, I was singing at my voice lessons, while I played the piano, in choir, or trying out some songs of my own.  I enjoyed going to dance class because I loved the feeling of moving to a song with a good beat.   Music seemed to speak to me, and I could express myself through it as well.

After high school, however, music was put aside more and more each year.  I didn’t break out into dancing as much.  The only singing I did was the hymns at church.  I would sing lullabies to my kids, but I felt like I was singing more to get them to sleep than because I wanted to.

Then one day, not too long ago, I did something I hadn’t done in awhile – watched a new musical.  I didn’t care for the story, but the music was beautiful.  I got caught up in the words and the emotion that went with them.  I then realized that the singing I had been doing for so long was just putting words to music – not actually putting feelings or emotion into those words.  It was as if a part of me was waking up after a long sleep.

The next day, I could already tell there was a small difference.  I was singing in the shower again!  I know that this sounds silly, but I realized I hadn’t sung for fun in so long!  I put all my emotions into what I was singing and just let it come out.  The more I truly sang, the happier I felt.  I also started dancing to songs on the radio. For the first time, in a long time, I was remembering what it was to have fun – what it was to be me!

I think that as we grow up, we forget who we are.  We forget about our hobbies and passions.  We forget about things we enjoyed doing, people we liked to spend time with, or personality traits we used to have.  We forget about things that not only helped us become who we were, but had become a part of us themselves.  For me, I’d forgotten about my relationship with music.

Simple Minds told us “Don’t You Forget About Me.”  I am telling you “Don’t you forget about you.”  If there was a hobby or passion that used to drive you, pick it up again.  If you loved art, go get some crayons and a coloring book.  If you loved serving others, make dinner for your next door neighbor.  If there were friends or family who inspired you, give them a call.

Remember the good things about yourself, and keep them a part of you.


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