July 21, 2024

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Don’t Give Up

Don’t give up and quit something just because it seems hard.

When I tackled potty-training with PJ, the first day was hard!  I tried timers, stickers, stories, etc. – anything to help him feel motivated.  I did more loads of laundry that day than I do in a week.  However, each day gradually got better.   What if I had given up that first day?  Yes, it was tough.  There were other things I could have been doing.  I wasn’t really interested in the process – but I was interested in the end result.

Any challenge is like that.  We get excited about something, and then the more we look into it, the more depressed we get.  It seems more complicated than we originally thought or requires more effort than we are willing to give.

When I first started losing weight, I got a scale where I could put in my goal weight, and it would tell me how many more pounds I needed to reach it.  Of course when I first started, I hated the number that was on there.  But as I’ve been eating better and exercising, the number keeps getting smaller and smaller.  What would have happened if I had given up after that first week?  What if I gave up every time the scale didn’t budge or I couldn’t keep up with the workout DVD?  We are so used to instant results nowadays that if something requires a little more work, or takes a little time, we quickly give up.

How many times to we have a goal and want to make changes in our life, but get too scared or worried to pursue it?  Sometimes, to accomplish something you really want, you need to move out of your comfort zone.  You’ll never know what you’re capable of if you sit around doing the same thing.  So take that first step out of your comfort zone – and keep going!

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