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When Do You Find Time To Workout?

Some friends have asked me “When do you find the time to work out?”.  My answer is: it varies day to day.  It gets a little difficult to have an effective workout  when your young kids want to join in.  My kids have almost been kicked by a bicycle crunch or knocked down by jumping jacks as they run over to see what Mommy is doing.   If my husband can keep our kids entertained, or if I can convince AJ and PJ to play in their room, then I can workout while they are awake.  Otherwise, I look for a time that they are asleep.  The key though is finding – or making – the time.

Mornings.  It is very rarely that I exercise in the morning.  I’ll be honest – I like my sleep!  Sometimes I can get myself up earlier than the kids and try to do something.  However, I believe there is a little radar built into children that alerts them when Mom is awake.  If I get up earlier, they sometimes follow suit and get up early as well.

If I can get up early enough, though, it is nice to have the workout all done for the day.  I don’t have to worry about trying to find the time to fit it in later, and it gives me a few more options.  I can run across the street to the track and do a couple laps, hop on my bike for a little while, or do anything outside.  It’s not so easy to do these things while the kids are awake.

Afternoons.  This time is a little tricky for me.  I sometimes squeeze a workout in when the kids are down for there nap.  However, I occasionally want to take a little break before breaking a sweat.  I’ll check the Internet for something real quick and then – before I know it – it’s already been a half hour or even an hour, and I am losing time.  Also, this is usually the hottest time of the day and not the best to do any activity outside (in the summer).

However, this time works  out great if I exercise right when I put the kids down.  It’s a terrific way to work off lunch and, if done early enough, still gives me time to have a little shower and be ready for the day – even though the day is half over!

Nights.  This is usually the time that I fit in a workout.  With the kids in bed, I can put on a DVD and break a sweat without worrying about them getting hurt.  It also helps me feel better if I maybe overdid it at dinner table!

Yes, there are some drawbacks to exercising at night, though.  For starters – variety.  Unless I pay a babysitter, I can’t just leave my kids and go for a run.  Pretty much all I can do is some kind of workout at home.  Also, I am sometimes wiped at the end of the day and it takes all the energy I have to workout.  Sometimes I have to dig deep down and find the energy – but I find it!

So, when do I exercise?  Whenever I can!  There are some days that I just put on my exercise clothes and wait for the opportunity to squeeze in a workout.  Morning, afternoon, or evening – it varies.  Sometimes I can even find some way to incorporate the kids.  This might be putting them in the jogging stroller and taking them with me on a run, or  I might take the double stroller and just walk around the mall.

In my opinion, the best time to workout is the time that works for you.  If you can’t find the time, MAKE the time!  Sometimes this may require something like getting up an hour earlier or going to bed an hour later.  The important thing is that you do it!

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