June 12, 2024

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Thirty And Thriving

30, flirty, and thriving.  That’s what I thought of whenever it came to turning 30.  I’d never even thought much about turning 30 until I saw 13 Going On 30.  Yet, here I am, 30 years old.  I don’t quite know what to think or what I was expecting, especially when it came to my 30th birthday.  But what I got was better than anything I expected.

My birthday started out like any other day.  I got up with the kids and we sat down to breakfast.  (Josh works late at night and gets his sleep in the morning).  Since it was I birthday, I treated myself to an egg and spinach wrap.  After breakfast, I kept putting the kids’ bath off more and more.  Just before I was about to put them in the tub, Josh woke up.  After that, the whole day changed.  Josh took over everything I normally do for what time he could.  He got the kids bathed and dressed.  He did the dishes, helped keep the house clean, and did nothing but smile at me all day.  Later, he brought out my birthday present – a brand new full length mirror!

Josh had wanted to treat me to lunch, but I had something else I wanted to do – a picnic.  So we hooked up the “new” bike trailer I got to the new bike I got from my mom, and we hit the road.  We rode our bikes to a nearby park and had some sandwiches, letting the kids play at the playground for a little bit before leaving.  With the kids enjoying the trailer, Josh and I decided to just ride around some more and enjoy the good weather.

When we got home, we put on a Disney movie.  Josh and I snuggled up on the couch with a blanket while the kids sat on the floor.  However, that wasn’t good enough for AJ.  She saw me and Daddy sitting together and wanted to join the fun.  Of course, PJ wasn’t going to feel left out.  So all four of us snuggled under a blanket watching Hercules under Josh had to head to work.  The kids and I finished a movie, and then it was time for dinner.

For my birthday gift to myself, I didn’t feel like cooking.  So the kids hopped in the stroller and we walked to the local Denny’s since they could eat free.  We enjoyed a nice meal, headed back home, and arrived just in time to see Josh’s grandma pull in.  We had a nice visit with her, but had to cut it short for another little bike ride (I’d left my phone at Denny’s and had to head back).  The kids were put to bed, and I just sat down and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

As I look back at the day, it was simple, peaceful, and so enjoyable.  I know some people look for big gifts or big parties.  I had thought about that, but I was so happy with how the day turned out.  My husband did what he could to not only make the day special, but to help me feel special.  Even my children made the day special.  PJ pulled the chair out for me at breakfast so I could sit down.  We had trouble watching the movie for a little while because AJ couldn’t stop giving kisses to everyone.  The older I get, the more I realize that things don’t matter.  The things that matter are the people in my life and the time I spend with them.

I don’t know where I thought I would be when I was 30.  I never really thought about it.  30 seemed so old!  However, I don’t feel old.  And wherever I thought I would be – I don’t care.  I feel so blessed with where my life is right now.  I am married to the most caring, service-oriented, amazing man that I have ever met.  I have two of smartest, sweetest,  most adorable children.  I feel healthy and fit.  I am surrounded with love from family, friends, and my Heavenly Father.  Again, I don’t know what this new decade holds for me.  But whatever happens, right now I am 30 and thriving!



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