February 28, 2024

Having fun and loving life!

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  • Why I No Longer Drink Water

    There is a dangerous item that I can no longer bring myself to consume - water.* That's right, water.  A lot of people are not aware of how dangerous water is. Some people have bad health if they drink too much water.  It's true!  There are people who are allergic to it.  The little seahorse…

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  • Quinoa Tortillas – My First Epic Fail

    Money has been a little tight lately, so I have tried to make some more homemade food.  Pretty much all the food I cook is already homemade, but I'm talking even more homemade.  For example, for lunch the other day we had nachos with homemade tortilla chips (but made out of store-bought tortillas). Well, if I can…

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  • Reasons I Avoid the Gym

    "I can't lose weight without a gym!"  I used to have that same mentality.  I had my most success with weight loss when I had a gym membership or lived somewhere that had access to one.  In 2007, I lost 20 pounds just because I lived at an apartment complex with a little fitness center. However,…

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