April 22, 2024

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  • My Family’s First Fun Run

    How do you prepare little children to get ready for a race of their own?  A few months ago, I started training for a half marathon.  Of course, I couldn't just leave my children at home alone, so they were blessed to come with me on a few training runs.  I started training at the…

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  • Should I Listen to Music While Running?

    Music has always been a passion of mine.  It has a big impact on me.  It's not just the beat, but sometimes the lyrics.  I bawl when I hear "Butterfly Kisses"  and "Wind Beneath My Wings."  I feel empowered when I hear "One Moment in Time" or "Perfect."  Running, however, has not always been a passion.…

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  • The Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Run

    I thought I would never have a bad workout.  Then one day, I made a painful discovery - I'm human.   I am currently training for a half-marathon.  Something I've been doing to help me build up my endurance is do a long run one day a week, gradually adding a mile each week.  The…

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